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#hashtag printing.

how does #hashtag printing work ?

Snap photo

Guest will take a photo with their mobile device, edit, filter and upload it onto Instagram and / or Twitter.

Pick a unique hashtag for your event and any photos uploaded with that hashtag will be displayed.

instant prints

Photos can be set to print automatically, or we can let guests select the ones they want printed with our iPad Kiosk Station.

social media exposure

Social Media is a big part of the success of any business or event. In order to boost your online presence it involves interaction and engagement of the public. With the #Hashtag Printing Station at your event, we encourage your guests to take photos and tag them with your chosen hashtag. Your guests do the hard work of taking the pictures and you benefit from a massive amount of social media exposure for your event.

digital marketing

Prints can be customized by adding your event name, branding, company name, logo, or other graphics. Most guests are also very concerned about their photo looking a certain way prior to having it posted online. With this, it allows everyone at your event to be a photographer and take home a printed souvenir of your event.

private events

Whether you're hosting an casual or upscale event at the priavate of your own home, this is a great option as it's an unattended booth. You won't have to worry about having a stranger at your private event. Our staff will be available over phone to assist with any trouble shooting. Drop off, set-up, and clean up is all included.


Just a more reasons why the #Hashtag Printing Station should be at your event!

social media

Instantly uploads to Instagram or Twitter with chosen hashtag.

lab quality

Prints completed in 7 seconds with no chances of ink smudges.


Branding, logo, #hashtags and other inclusions can be incorporated.



* Minimum 2 hours booking

included with every package

Delivery + Set Up

Ipad Social Sharing Station

Instant Colour  Lab Quality Prints

Custom Photo Layout + Branding

Photo Effects (BW / Sepia / Other Filters)

Unlimited Usage + Prints

extra add-ons

Contact us directly so we can customize a package that fits your needs and budget.

Photo Booth Add-Ons (2).png

Add a backdrop for more of our traditional photo booth feeling.

Photo Booth Add-Ons (3).png

Want to add a bit more silly-ness to your event? We can bring the props !

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